Patient Information

Our goal is to be your partner in healthcare by serving as your medical home. We are committed to make a personal primary care provider available to you who provides for your healthcare needs and helps to coordinate your care across all settings, including the hospital, clinics, testing facilities, and other places where you receive healthcare.

General Patient Information

Patient Policies

No-Show Policy

A “no-show” is a patient who misses an appointment without cancelling it. A failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded in the patient’s chart as a “no-show”. This includes arriving or calling 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment. You will then be responsible for paying a $10.00 no show fee and you will be rescheduled. The fee must be paid before you can be seen by a provider or pick up medications. After (3) consecutive “no-show’s”, all services will be suspended for 1 year. You will be required to pay a $10.00 reinstatement fee in order to begin receiving services again after the 1 year has passed.

Patient Conduct

In the event that a patient feels he/she has any grief or complaint against the clinic, the patient is to resolve the issue with the Executive Director. Abusive behavior of any type while in the clinic, noncompliance, any derogatory or inflammatory comments posted to BHMC’s social media sites, or abuse of narcotics are grounds for dismissal of medical care from Brock Hughes Medical Center.

Language Barrier

Language Line service provided by the clinic for patients that do not speak english.

Pharmacy & Medications

Prescriptions sent to the clinic pharmacy will be available for pick-up following this schedule:

  • Sent on Tuesday & Wednesday-ready after 9 am on Friday
  • Sent on Thursday, Friday, Monday-ready after 9 am on Wednesday

Prescriptions will not be filled more than 7 days early. Filled prescriptions will be held for pick-up for 30 days. After this time, prescriptions will be returned to the pharmacy. If you repeatedly do not pick up your prescriptions, we reserve the right to refuse to fill your medications and your prescriptions will be sent to an outside pharmacy. Patients are required to pay a processing fee for ALL prescriptions, unless approved by the Executive Director. Medications can only be refilled if patients come to their appointment.


These fees make it possible for Brock Hughes Medical Center to continue providing quality services to our patients.

$1.00 Patient Visit
$2.00 1 Box of Pen Needles
$5.00/per Rx Administrative Fee for Prescription Handling (no more than $50.00 per pick-up)
$5.00 Injections, Insulin Syringes, On-site testing (ex. Urinalysis, Blood Draws)
$6.00 1 Box of Testing Strips
$10.00 No Show Fee for BHMC appointments as well as appointments for Specialty Tests: X-rays, Ultrasounds, Echos, CT’s, MRI’s, Stress Tests, etc.
$1.00 Lab Slip Reproduction if original is lost
$15.00 All diagnostic tests, blood sugar testing meters
$15.00 Medical Records Request for attorneys, retrieval companies, and insurance (patient request is .50 /page, must be paid before being released)
$25.00 Specialist Referral Deposit (must be paid before referral can be made, refunded once patient goes to the appointment)

Clinic Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8:30-5:00
    Closed from 1-2 for lunch
    (No walk in hours available)

Patient Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

  • No medical insurance
  • At or below 200% of poverty level
  • Not eligible for FAMIS, Medicare or Medicaid
  • Patients must live in our service region which includes: Wythe and Bland Counties